In Tabbatha Gabriel’s debut book, Saying Goodbye, children follow the story of a young boy, named Elijah, who suffers the loss of the family dog. Elijah, with the help of his parents, struggles to overcome the difficulties of losing the beloved family pet. He learns he cannot shut the door on love, and he must find the strength to allow love back into his life through a new dog.

Saying Goodbye is a timeless, heart-filled story about the courage to love. Tabbatha’s detailed, hand illustrated artwork adds a special warmth, and softness, to the story.




This picture book was written and beautifully illustrated by the author, Tabbatha Gabriel. The illustrations are done in a soft water color which nicely mellows out the story topic of the death of a dog. It is also an advocacy for families to rescue an animal from the Animal Shelter.

-Rockin’ Book Reviews

The quality of the cover (and back cover), and the illustrations inside, are both alluring and beautifully colored. I did enjoy going through the parent’s memories. It is a nice heartfelt story that kids can relate to-also rhyming is fun. The text is easy to read.

-Florida Writer’s Association RPLA Committee

Saying Goodbye by Tabbatha Gabriel is a heartwarming story of loss and love. It’s a beautiful story that teaches children to love despite the loss they will face in their lives, and it also encourages them to adopt pets from local shelters. The illustrations are bright and colorful and they not only breathe life into the characters, but also give good pace and movement to the story and scenes.

-Reader’s Favorite