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Speed-n-Power Coloring Book

NEW RELEASE: Award-winning author and artist, Tabbatha Gabriel, releases her first coloring book, Speed-n-Power Coloring Book.

Hardback ISBN: 9781945463754

Author and Illustrator: Tabbatha Gabriel

Publisher: Big Reflection Books

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A hand illustrated, 90 page coloring book, that is a hours of fun for those who love autos, motorcycles, planes, construction and military machines and equipment.

Book Synopsis

This is another coloring book by award-wining author, and visual artist, Tabbatha Gabriel. All artwork in this book is hand illustrated to give your artistic interpretation, a realistic edge not found in most coloring books on the market today. Grab your coloring tools, relax, and create!

SUBJECTS INCLUDE: Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Planes, Ships, Control Panels, Computers, Machines, Engines, Military Machines, Construction Machines.

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